Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

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Radio DouceFm International Foundation


Dr. Wilky Sanon

He makes it possible for a child to go to school this year again.

Special Thanks from Radif

Marie Francis

If saying no exists, no for Marie Francis, calmly a surprise call from her can change all. Thanks for supporting the 2019 mobile clinic in Haiti.

Gary Philistin & Wife

Always say yes when it comes to assist a child in need.  Special thanks

Maitre Yves Jefrene

Always with the eager to assist, he is one of a kind with a good heart. Special thanks

Cassandra Deshommes

She is a miracle lady, fanny, open mind and more. if she has the all World, she would give it a way. Special thanks

Arsene Cadet

Never say no when it comes to send a child to school in Haiti. Special thanks

Ingenieur Altidor

Truly believe in education and always ready to stand by a child.

Special thanks

Radif is more than you think.

Radif is well defined in its mission and vision.

despite that Radif is more concentrated on health and education for the well being of a greener society, it welcomes the assistance from friends and partners in different domains.

For the second year, Marie Denise helped in receiving people in need of a hot plate. with Marie Denise help, we are able to feed not only kids, but their families as well in a safe and clean environment.

You too can make a different in someone’s life by giving a small donation that will be used exactly for the purpose that it is given.

Make a donation today either to feed someone, assist a child in need to go to school, dress, a place to live or a parent with a small business. we are just the bridge needed to connect you with them and millions are awaited for that miracle.

A picture from the last feeding

You are just a click away to be our next sponsor, join us and support someone today

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