Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

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Radio DouceFm International Foundation


After the big back to school bash in 2018, we have done it again differently this time. Free health screening fair to celebrate with the mothers in Haiti. We were at petit Place Kazo in port-au prince to give away food to different families and providing health screening to the mothers to help them preventing different sickness which might come their ways and giving away basic medications. About 4 doctors were there and nurses as well as Pharmacists to make the process easier and a staff eager to help in different ways. On May 26, 2019 something incredible happened in Haiti where many People showed up to receive free healthcare. Mothers and friends participated in that fair where medications and left with a smile on their faces at the end of the personalized test. Everyone was happy to assist and our incredible staff has proved once for all that helping is what we do and who we are. Knowing as one of the most amusing moments with the mothers and family in Haiti, Radio DouceFm Internation Foundation had the opportunity to present a clinic fair to the mothers at no charge in Port Au Prince. The assistance was provided to them in different disciplines such as screening for breast cancer, checking high blood pressure and much more. During the event, many adults were able to see our local Board Certified doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists. We cannot be more proud to have a staff of such great energy and the willingness’s to slow down on their personal responsibilities to assist those in need. Bravo to the staff, Coordinator Dr. Leandre Frickson and his staff energizing members and non members to make it happened.

2019 Fair

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